GAMMA: Green Ammonia and Biomethanol fuel Maritime Vessels

The GAMMA project goal is to demonstrate the integration of biomethanol, NH3 and fuel systems (biomethanol reformer, NH3 cracker and 1 MW low-temperature PEM fuel cell) onboard a bulk carrier that will convert the produced hydrogen into electricity. This work will be developed by a consortium composed by sixteen members. The reduction of 30% GHG emissions […]

H2Driven Green Agenda

The H2Driven green agenda consortium proposes the implementation of a new national industrial chain related to the production of green hydrogen and e-methanol in Portugal.The project’s objectives are aligned with the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, carbon sequestration and the reduction of indirect GHG emissions. Objective: Production of 50 kton/year of e-methanol by […]

M-eco2: industrial cluster for the production of advanced biofuels

The M-eco2 project centres on the development and operation of a new innovative industrial cluster for the production of advanced biofuels based on green hydrogen and residual raw materials, including the production of energy from renewable sources. The innovative nature of the project is based on circular economy and sustainability concepts aligned with the decarbonisation […]

The “Baterias 2030” project

Batteries as a central element for urban sustainability” aims to develop the batteries of the future and introduce technological developments in solutions applied to the urban environment. The Baterias 2030 project consortium, made up of 14 companies, has the capacity to design and validate an innovative approach to energy storage. This objective will contribute to […]