We are the first Portuguese company dedicated to the development and commercialisation of hydrogen purification technologies.


Amnis Pura, SA is one of the first companies dedicated to the development and commercialisation of hydrogen purification technologies, namely Pressure Swing Adsorption units (PSA).

Our strong R&D mentality dedicated to gas purification technologies allows us to develop and produce competitive solutions in line with the expansion of the hydrogen market in a circular and sustainable economy.

With the growing hydrogen market, Amnis Pura focuses on the purification of hydrogen from decentralised production processes such as ammonia cracking, methane reforming, waste and biomass gasification. Depending on their nature, these processes can be carried out under various operating conditions. They have different gas compositions that can vary over time during the production process. In this regard, Amnis Pura develops tailor-made solutions that are optimised specifically for the customer’s process, to meet the requirements of the strict ISO 14687-2.


Discover the main areas of technological development at Amnis Pura


Ammonia Cracking

Obtain high purity hydrogen from cracking ammonia with Amnis Pura. No nitrogen, no ammonia, just clean energy.

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Steam reforming

Unleash the full hydrogen potential of steam reforming processes with Amnis Pura's patented adsorbent material.

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Hydrogen production from waste

Transform waste into clean energy with Amnis Pura advanced purification technology.

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Methane decomposition

Experience efficient, clear energy by producing high-purity hydrogen with low emissions.

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Customised solutions

We provide customised gas purification solutions, adapting our advanced technology to meet your specific clean and efficient energy needs.

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