Amnis Pura collaborates in a new e-fuels project to make international shipping climate neutral

5 Mar 2024

Amnis Pura has entered the 17€ million Green Ammonia and Biomethanol fuel MAritime Vessels (GAMMA) Project. The collaboration aims to develop and convert a bulk carrier to operate on climate-neutral fuels and green power. This

Witzenmann GmbH invests in Amnis Pura S.A.

7 Nov 2023

On November 3, 2023, Witzenmann GmbH from Pforzheim acquired a stake in the Portuguese hydrogen purification expert Amnis Pura S.A., based in Vila Nova de Gaia, near Porto. This strategic investment will enable Witzenmann to

Amnis Pura Expandes their facilities in Laborim industrial park

17 Oct 2023

The rapid growth of Amnis Pura demands additional area to accommodate all ongoing projects, and specially larger scale projects. The new area of ca. 900 m2 will significantly improve the production capacity and quality control. 

Amnis Pura secures 600 k€ grant funding in total investment 855 K€ through the participation on the European Project “Gamma – Green Ammonia and Biomethanol fuel Maritime Vessels” 

23 Aug 2023

The main goal of GAMMA project is to demonstrate the safe integration of fuels (biomethanol and NH3) and fuel systems (biomethanol reformer, NH3 cracker and 1 MW low-temperature PEM fuel cell) that will convert the

Amnis Pura secures 800 k€ grant funding in total investment 1.36 M€ through the participation on “H2Driven, Green Agenda”

3 Jul 2023

With the H2Driven legal agreement, the consortium will generate a new green hydrogen value chain in Portugal. The project goals are aligned with the reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, carbon sequestration and reductions of indirect

Amnis Pura secures 1.21 M€ grant funding in total investment 2.15 M€ through the participation on AGENDA M-ECO2: Industrial cluster for advanced biofuel production 

11 Jun 2022

With the project and contract formalization, the consortium starts the activitites in order to develop a new innovative industrial cluster aiming the production of sustainable biofuel based on green hydrogen and residual raw materials. In

Amnis Pura Announces new Sale Contract for ammonia cracking with a leading British fuel cell power company

2 May 2022

Amnis Pura announced a supply contract with leading British fuel cell power company to provide a Pressure Swing Adsortion unit of 270 m3/h to be integrated on a ammonia cracker for hydrogen production.  Ammonia is

Amnis Pura is a finalist at Cleantech Camp, 2021 edition

6 Oct 2021

Amnis Pura, Lda presented an innovating purification process for hydrogen streams based on “Pressure Swing adsorption” and was selected at the final event as the 3rd best participant project during the CleantechCamp, 2021 edition. Cleantech

Amnis Pura Announces Sale Contracts for Green Hydrogen Projects

4 Oct 2021

In the first semester of 2021, Amnis Pura announced three contracts to supply Pressure Swing Adsortion units of 520 m3/h for decentralized hydrogen production projects. In these projects, different sources and tecnologies are used to

New facilities of Amnis Pura in Laborim industrial park – Vila Nova de Gaia

1 Oct 2021

Amnis Pura leaves the laboratories of the Faculty of Engineering of Porto to attend the necessities of industrial capacity and to improve the technological advances developed during several years. The company is now located in

Amnis Pura obtains National funding through PT2030 to develop a new hydrogen battery

2 Apr 2020

The project “Batteries 2030 – Batteries as a central element for urban sustainability” emerges from a cooperative reflection of several agents who seek, in an integrated and structured way, for an answer to the challenges