Amnis Pura obtains National funding through PT2030 to develop a new hydrogen battery

Amnis Pura obtains National funding through PT2030 to develop a new hydrogen battery

2 Apr 2020

The project “Batteries 2030 – Batteries as a central element for urban sustainability” emerges from a cooperative reflection of several agents who seek, in an integrated and structured way, for an answer to the challenges related to decarbonization and dissemination of sustainable energy communities. The project’s strategy is to develop the batteries of the future and introduce these technological developments into solutions applied to the urban environment. The consortium of the Batteries 2030 is composed by 14 companies, capable of valuing the final results proposed in each PPS, and non-business entities that hold high-quality technologies and specific knowledge. The partners have high potential to improve the energy value chain, in particular, for these project purposes.

In this sense, and as an expert in the hydrogen field, Amnis Pura proposes and will develop a hydrogen battery to store surplus of electrical production from renewable energy sources in the hydrogen form and convert it into electricity when is required. This is considered a goal of extreme relevance for the future of the energy sector. 

With an eligible investment of around 8.3 million Euros, the Batteries 2030 project effectively aims to contribute to the disruptive technologies development that can be integrated throughout the value chain, being marked by reliable state-of-art solutions, sustainable, easily scalable and accessible to the consumer. In effect, Batteries 2030 leverages science and technology respecting the sustainable energy production, storage and management, a key role in the effective decarbonization.

Program / Reference: (ANI nº 046109)

Participation period: Jul 2020 – Jun 2023

Investment: 8 325 439.20 Euros (Amnis Pura 216 322.39 €)